Gail Bannister has her finger on the pulse of fitness enthusiasts and the club industry because of her widely varied fitness background.  She presents both workshops and lectures at internationally attended conferences, and teach choreography as an instructor/co-partner with the East Coast Instructor Training School. Her classes are constantly fresh with new moves, and music, often incorporating trends and ideas that are just moving into the fitness scene.

Gail quickly rose through the ranks within the fitness industry, becoming NASM certified while being employed as a group exercise instructor and eventually taking on administrative and management responsibilities. She first started with New York Sports Club in 1995 as a fitness instructor, and also taught at Citibank’s corporate fitness center, Bally’s Jack Lalanne, and the Vertical Club in Manhattan.  Her management experience started on Long Island at Club Central when she was named group fitness director. 

Gail currently works as Flexibility, Core and Pilate’s coach with the NY Jets Football Team, and Pro Hoops Basket Ball that focuses on skill sets that can help players improve in all areas of defense, and offense. She currently holds certifications in several different disciplines, which enhances her coaching abilities to her athletes, staff and her classes. She is the owner of The Bannister Method, Inc.,"Works" located in Danny Holdstein Dance & Fitness – 40 Wheatley Plaza, Greenvale NY 11548.

In her current position as the Group Fitness Manager with the UFC GYM, she monitors club programs, instructor schedules, trainings and developing, to ensure it meets current industry trends and safety guidelines.

Gail has gained momentum in her career as a presenter with ECA World Fitness, offering Step, Hi/Low dance classes, Yoga, Restorative classes at both their Miami, and New York City conferences. She also presents at DCAC, and the Spinning Fitness conferences. 



“The Bannister Method” TM Balance, Strength, Flexibility and Core
AFAA Provider – 3 CEUs
Creative Low Impact Grooves
S.T.E.P for Every Person
The Bare Essentials - Strength Training 101
The Re-Birth Of Step/Basic Step L1
AFAA Provider – 3.5 CEUs
The SQAIR Speed and Agility
AFAA Provider – 4.5 CEUs
Phase One – The Fundamentals of Step
Phase Two – Building Choreography, The break down


“We can do Both” – The Transformation of Fitness ProfessionalsTM
Animation vs. Education
Set The Tone
AFAA Provider – 3 CEUs
Learn To Teach (The Base Line of Choreography)
AFAA Provider – 5 CEUs
Certified What’s Next
Are you hitting the mark? Calling all Fitness, and Group Exercise Manager

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National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM)
AFAA Continuing Education Provider 
Director of East Coast Instructor Training School (ECITS)
YogaFit L1, L2, L3, L4, L5 (300RYT)
AFAA Mechanics of Injury Prevention
AFAA Mat Science I & II
Stott Pilates Mat I & II
PowerHouse Mat Pilates I & II
PowerHouse Reformer I & II
Peek Pilates MVE
Scientific Stretching - Paul Chek Institute
A.I (Active/Isolated Flexibility Certification Level 1 and 2)
Madd Dog Athletics/Johnny G. Spinning
PowerStrike Kickboxing I & II
Lisa Gaylord Kickboxing Certification I & II
Body Bar L1 and L2
Urban Rebounding
Body Wedge