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“The New Years Resolution”


“The New Years Resolution”

Happy New Year Everyone,

Happy 2011.  I am looking forward to a great year, and I hope, we as Fitness Professionals are all prepared to continue our contribution to our member/client experience at all your fitness locations. With the onset of a New Year, and what many of us think of as a ‘clean slate,’ it is a good opportunity to remember why we are a part of this industry, and to review our responsibilities as fitness professionals. I wanted this New Year blog to help us all start FRESH, and maybe I can help you remember the basic foundation that may help us all grow our business, get new clients, make our members feel comfortable, or just remind us to “BREATHE” a little.

As instructors/trainers we impact more people in a given hour than almost any other employee of the company.   That said, your relationship with your members has a lasting effect — words and actions that you may deem insignificant, for example…. Like asking new people to go to the back of your class might cause someone to never return to class!  On the flip side, little things like a smile to someone new in class might be just what that person needs to motivate himself to come back again.  Some facilities may see daily about 100 to 3000 members daily, depending on the size of the club, and location. What a great opportunity to impact someone’s life!  Take time to get to know new people, welcome them to the classes, and inspire them in their pursuit of health, and fitness every time they come in to work out. With this opportunity comes extra responsibility — each of those new members have individual goals, and may very well be intimidated by the gym, and/or group exercise environment.   Your class may very well be their first experience. So…here are a few ‘resolutions’ for you to remember as the New Year begins:

1.Welcome “NEW” participants.

This is the best time of year to create new ‘groupies’.  Are you sick of your front row, and ‘regulars’ who know your routine by heart?  Create a positive experience for these new members, and your class size will continue to grow.  Take some time at the start of class to explain what you are going to do, and offer modifications for those who may not be up to speed just yet. Remember to acknowledge your existing members, make them also feel special.  They are still your “key” to spreading the word about your classes.

2. Be on time for class

It is the members expectation that we arrive between 10, to 15 minutes prior to your class start time. Part of the member experience is good service, and for us, that includes starting, AND ending classes on time.  Our members, like us, are busy people, and budget time in their day to work out.  It is important for us to be respectful of their schedules, and to deliver what we have promised. Lateness’, and no show to classes are inexcusable.

3. Dress Code:

Each, and every day we make an impression on our members. The appearance is to create the mood, and create 1st , 2nd, 3rd, …. Impressions. Be sensitive to your appearance. Clean, Neat, groomed, and cover up where needed. Remember you are dressing to teach to a diverse group of members. This will help you look, non-intimidating. All members will feel comfortable, talking, and having comfortable conversations with you.

4-Studio Cleanliness:

Take a few moments after your classes to clean up after your members. Let them see that you want to always create a safe, and clean environment for them to workout.  This will set you apart from all the other instructors. Make your expectations always higher than the next person. I don’t believe this is anything different from what would be required of a Great Fitness Professional.

Quote: A Smile is the light on your face that lets someone know you are home.

Hope these quick reminders jump start you back into the New Year. Thank you all very much for your continued support, and dedication.  Wishing you all a wonderful 2011.

With Kind Regards

Gail Bannister-Mann

Regional Group Exercise Manager for  XSport Fitness (NY Region)

Fitness Educator/Presenter


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