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Blog SMH on Fitness

So I felt the need to Blog based on the things I see in the fitness classes. I know I will offend quite a few people, however, that is not my intention. My intention is to bring awareness, ring bells, and give reminders of why we are in this wonderful profession. Many of these are not one of a Fitness Professionals. These are some of SMH Fitness shockers however, most of them came off of my FB wall with your feedback. I did my best to bring a reality check to many instructors. So please re-share on your FB walls so we can reach the masses.

SMH every day, in no particular order. We have 32 comments.

Group Exercise Instructors

1-Not responding to emails, texts to colleagues, or your directors within a 24-hour window.

-What is that all about…? I find it to be rude, and unprofessional. If someone is texting you for help, or with a question, respond back in a timely manor. You do take Lunch or breaks RIGHT??  Most of you do not respond back to texts, or emails seemingly in hopes the question, or situation just goes away…so you don’t have to feel bad saying NO to the person. You will get more respect by being up front, and honest. Remember you will need help one day. Karma is not fun.

2.  Not teaching the class description that was asked of you to teach. You got bored and “YOU” just felt like YOU wanted a change.

-Really???? Honestly, REALLY!!… You are bored, and you felt like just changing things up…. Simple answer:  you are paid to teach a class description that “YOU” agreed to teach. DO NOT CHANGE THE CLASS. Members attend classes based on what is posted daily for the set schedule. They are not coming for what you feel like teaching for the day.  They are attending the class that is posted on the schedule.

3. Instructors who say, “I am only doing this for fun”

-Please don’t say that, it pisses us off. It sends us a message that you are not educating yourself and in turn do not respect our profession. THIS IS OUR JOB!!!! Part Time, or Fulltime…It’s our job, and we love it every day…do not demean it! By saying you just do it for “fun”.

4.   Instructors who say “I don’t need the money”.

-Please don’t say that, it also pisses us off. Do not demean it!  The money we make pays bills for our families.  It pays rent, mortgages, car payments, food, extra for our kids, or whatever we may need the money for…do not make yourself sound better than those of us who do “need” the money.

5-.  Instructors who do not renew their certifications, do not attend workshops or go to fitness shows because they think that they do not need to learn.  Not staying on top of the current industry standards.

-Why don’t you??? If you are going to preach you are the best…then be the best with education. This field requires you to spend money, to stay educated, to be on the cutting edge of your skill. You do renew your driver’s license, correct?

6-. Googling, or “You-tubing” fitness ideas, and applying it to your clients, or classes even though you were not certified for that specialty.

-I know it’s easy to access the web these days…. however, you cannot sufficiently learn from viewing videos on line.  If you are NOT certified in that class type, you cannot teach the application simply because you watched a video.   GET CERTIFIED, so you are more prepared to teach to the classes.

7-Teaching a class format just because it is a NEW trend.

-So many new creative classes are being rolled out these days. It does not mean you can teach the class. Not every class is for everyone’s body. Do not teach a class that feels awkward to your teaching style. You do not want to end up looking absolutely unqualified to teach the program because it’s not within your scope.

8- Instructors showing up late for classes.

-WHY do you show up late for classes? IT IS THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL THING YOU CAN DO. YOU ARE SENDING YOUR MEMBERS/CLIENTS A MESSAGES HOW YOU RUN YOUR LIEFSTYLE. Class starts at 9:30am, you should be in the building no later than 9:10 am. To check in, one last call to the bathrooms, and to check to make sure your studio is ready for your class set up.

9- Instructors who have their members pre-set up their classes waiting for them to arrive.

-If members are pre-setting up the same equipment for your class EVERYTIME. You are predictable, and you don’t change up your work out. Most importantly, you probably have them pre-set up the class without your cue, because you are always late to class. See #8. Not good!!

10- Instructors who are in the industry for less than 5 years that think they know it all just because their classes are packed.

-PUT IT IN PARK CHILDREN !!!!! (1 to 6 Years teaeching)…Do not piss me off.      I don’t care how many certs you have or DON’T HAVE. PUT IT IN PARK. Start respecting the 7+ years Instructors who have paved the way for YOU TO LOOK GOOD. We are all still learning EVERYDAY, and if you do not learn something everyday…you are missing out..

11- People who sub classes and change class formats, and tell the members it’s a dated class format, or old school class.

-(See above #2)

12-Instructors that do not clean up after their classes.

-Clean up your mess after class NEATLY! Don’t assume your members will return the equipment back to the designated locations neatly, and cleanly. You still need to walk around the room, and clean up, and re-set the room for the next class. DO not have the attitude, “well no-one cleaned for me”.  It is your class that presently left the mess. Again, set the tone for who you are as a professional. It is your BRAND!

13- Instructors who do not clean the studio prior to class start time to time to set the tone for your classes for the day.

-See #8. Be on time for your class, so your class can be ready to go. If there is a class before your class, and the instructor runs late, have a conversation with her/him. If that does not work, inform your director.

14- Instructors who take Selfie’s…REALLYYYYYY!!!!!

-Stop with the posting of Selfies on your FB wall. What are you fishing for…members to like you more? They are only liking your pics because they feel bad for you. TRUST ME!!! So just stop with the selfie nonsense.

15- Instructors who entertain member’s feedback about their fellow colleagues classes.

-Why do you feel the need to stand there and listen to negative feedback about your colleagues? Does it really make you feel good to hear that you are better than someone else? Stop entertaining members who need to say negative feedback. Direct them to the Directors. That is their jobs to deal with these type of complaints/issues…so let them handle those challenges.

16-Instructors who get certified in a class format, and then change it to accommodate their own needs.

-WHY??? Lets Take Zumba for example… How about looking at what the Zumba certification requires?  Zumba is NOT HIP HOP. See #2. They are many other class formats that have been altered to accommodate your members.  Case in point: the description for a Zumba class (right from their website) is: : Zumba combines Latin and International music with a fun and effective workout system. With classes and instructors worldwide, anyone can join the Party!

17- Spin instructors allowing there Spin members to leave sweaty towels on the handlebars.

-Instructors we are accountable to remind members to take their towels off their bikes after classes, as well as taking all their personal belongings with them after classes. If the members do not clean up after themselves, we are also responsible to clean the room, and pick up the towels and place them into the towel hamper. See #12

18-Instrutors who agree to cover classes but do not teach the format and thus change the class format simply for the $$$$$$.

-Do not cover the class if you cannot teach the class format. The director is the only person who can change class format. And directors: If you change the class format due to an emergency, then class signs should be posted to inform the members of the class change. See #2

19-So called ‘group exercise certification’ administered by a gym/health club, rather than a nationally recognized fitness company.  Especially when that certification only explains how to use the equipment and nothing about how to teach a class correctly.

-In house certifications are for the companies that have their own BRANDED classes. Everyone should, and needs to get a National Certification. Don’t assume those certifications can help you to get jobs in other fitness facilities.

20-Someone is being a distraction in class, trying to show off and be a diva, bringing them to the front and letting them have their 3 minutes of stardom.

-Zumba tends to promote fun in the classes. However, we need to be mindful of NOT doing it with the same members all the time. No favorites folks. NOT GOOD. THE SAME MEMBERS OVER AND OVER BECOMES WAYYYYY TOO MUCH!!

21-IT IS NOT YOUR WORKOUT.  Let me say that again: IT IS NOT YOUR WORKOUT.   PERIOD!!!!!

-Stop taking your classes. Start coaching, and walking around your class, and helping the members. If you are nervous to coach your members, then you should not be teaching classes. We are fitness professionals we need to be ready to coach, to help, to show modifications and/or progressions. (I had a member become upset at me because she said I picked on her too much for class correction. Why she felt that way? She said no one corrected her in the classes before, and she thought she was doing everything correctly. She complained to management about meJ)

22-From many members: “My pet peeve is people holding spots when I am waiting in line”.

-Instructors if you are aware that members are holding class spots on lines…you need to address the issues within your classes. IT IS YOUR CLASS! If the issues continue, then inform management to help you enforce the policy.

23-How about when a sub comes in and everyone leaves,and doesn’t give them a chance.

-This has happened to me on several occasions…. I will teach the class with the remaining members. However, on that particular day, I will give the members a very creative workout with such a smile, with honey, with love and sugar. Trust me they will remember me for the next 10 days.  You can’t worry if members walk out of the class if you are subbing, you only need to work on making a lasting impression on the members who choose to stay to get a great workout. Those members will report back, to the members who left, what a great class it was and they how missed out. Next time they see you…. they will stay.  What you as an instructor can do is always encourage members to try new people, do not announce you will not be there (next week) and refer back to #15 if upon your return you get negative feedback.

24-Another big pet peeve is when people view what we do as not a real job. “Is this all you do?” This is really aggravating when you look at the amount of effort, education and money it takes to be qualified.

-You are absolutely right! It is frustrating when it is perceived that being a fitness professional is not a “REAL JOB”. The amount of the time, and energy we put into the choreography, the playlist, the continuing education, it can be very frustrating when it is demeaned by people. Simply because it’s not a 9-5 job, it doesn’t mean it’s not a job. We are just lucky that we are able to get paid for something we love to do, and it happens to be a “JOB” involving education, communication, leadership, life coaching, and customer service.

25-People who post videos from their class to show how full it is; all the while 95% of the class has horrific form. Put the camera away, and help your people!

-I have to Laugh…You are right…but, that’s my point…see #3,5,6,7, NO EDUCATION!! They don’t even know that their class is a mess, because they too are a mess and cannot evaluate good from bad.

26-How about Instructors who pick up classes, and then sub it out 80% of the time because they cannot fill the class. Then, eventually they give up the class, and ask for another spot.

-If your expectations for filling classes are that it should be filled within 2 weeks: think again. It takes about 6-12 weeks (90 days) to create, and build a reputation with members.  If after 3 months, you are being consistent, (NOT SUBBING the class out 6-8 times within 3 months), and the class still does not fill, and other classes in the same time slots are doing well on other days of the week then it is time to step back, and evaluate. When you do so, you may find 1-It is the class type, 2- Club attendance is the issue, 3-It is not your forte (meaning: the type of class that you can successfully build/teach), 4- It may be something that you are not translating to the members to build  the class. Try taking other instructors classes on other days to see how they are doing. Don’t be so quick to give up classes.

27-Zumba classes that consists of all top 40, hip hop songs, and no Latin-based rhythms. If you get licensed or certified in any fitness program and do not want to follow the format of program call your class something else.

-See #16

28-Zumba instructors getting licensed with no prior fitness background and not having a primary certification.

-I know that Zumba does promote getting an AFAA Primary certification, HOWEVER, it is not mandatory.  New Zumba instructors are not required to have a national certification.    Zumba has been a motivational tool for many non-fitness professionals (members, and stay at home moms/dads) to get certified…. however, like I said before…if you are going to step in to our world, GET EDUCATED, DO NOT JUST SAY you are dancer, and educated.

29-.When an instructor walks into the studio, and tells the members at the start of class, they are having a bad day, and not to expect too much from them today.

-If you are having a bad day, and cannot leave your issues at the Fitness facility front door…. you need to check yourself, and remember you are about to go teach a class for the members. It’s your Job and customer service is a priority. The members are expecting you to be present for them. If your bad day is so horrible that you cannot focus…then get your classes covered.

30- I once took Zumba class where the instructor looked at herself in the mirror the entire time she taught.

-Note: Straight from a members mouth. Stop focusing on yourself in the mirror. As you can see members do notice that you are checking yourself out in the mirrors. Stop being so vain, and teach.

31-How about instructors who think that harder is better? They think that pushing a class to their limits is the way to go while you have clients on the floor with all kinds of movement dysfunctions.

-The exercise selections I see in group fitness classes are ridiculous far too often. The risk/benefit ratio is backwards. Classes full of students who can’t squat properly, yet they are throwing jump squats into the program. Burpees done by people who can’t do push-ups or squats. Just because it makes you sweat doesn’t mean it is good for you. Far too much “follow me if you can” and not enough instruction on what proper movement should look like. By Tristan Phillips  (See #21)

- Take note folks…Tristan is absolutely right…back to education, education, education…

32- Instructors who do not dress the part of a fitness professional.

- Being a fitness professional requires you to dress, and look the part for your clients or members in your presentation of yourself. Wearing dirty clothes, faded clothes, your boyfriends/husband shorts, dirty sneakers you ran through mud in the past weekend, hair is a mess, your BO has issues, working out then running to teach your class without changing into fresh clothing, showing the crack of your butt (no-one wants to see that), Thong lines, ETC ETC..I can go on about this…you need to separate workout daily clothing from your  teaching/training your classes/clients. Represent your BRAND in how you would want your business, and employees to look like running your business.

Well that’s it for now on Group Exercise SMH. I think I covered all your feedback and a few extra’s

Thanks for reading.

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