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Fitness Educator

Ranging from ages 7 to 18, collegiate and professional athletes, we provide in-depth age appropriate training to every athlete so they will return to their respective teams a more knowledgeable, more skilled and more confident player at their chosen position.

Our purpose is to breakdown each position from the beginner skill level to the advanced skill level, methodically developing athletes throughout the various stages.  Our program is based upon a 2:5 or 1:10 Coach to Athlete ratio.  We believe small group, semi-private training will maximize verbal, visual, and corrective instruction, as well as maximize athlete repetition, to ensure optimal knowledge base and performance.

PST is the opposite end of the spectrum in comparison to the tradition week-long training camps.  We believe the learning and training process for any athlete should be nurtured over consistent duration of time, not crammed into 3-5 days of training amongst a high number of athletes and a limited number of coaches.

We are the Original and Premiere on-field football training program that New York has to offer. At PST, we firmly believe the PROCESS to reaching success is most important, not the result. We will train your child to channel his/her focus, work ethic and confidence throughout the training PROCESS so the result will be undeniably SUCCESSFUL. For more information: www.pstnyc.com or email pstnyc@gmail.com.

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