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Matt Centrowitz - #1 ranked HS miler    
  Centrowitz Follows in Father's Footsteps on Track
February 2, 1012 - ESPN Olympic Sports

Matt Centrowitz Joins PACE and Turns Pro
November 29, 2011 - Pace Sports Management

Matthew Centrowitz won the Broze medal for US at
the World Championships which was held 27
August - 4 September 2011 in Daegu, South Korea.
matt centrowitz   Matt Centrowitz: A Miler with great form and strong elbows.
by Larry Eder, RunBlogRun.com, February 6, 2015
Pressboxonline.com – Matt Centrowitz Runs Himself Into World Prominence

All-Time List in the Crosshairs – Boys Analysis

105th Millrose Games - Centrowitz wins and Batty sets NCAA record. The climactic event of the meet lived up to expectations with Matthew Centrowitz making his pro track debut a success. Centrowitz' time, 3:53.92, is an Armory record.
  Matthew Centrowitz won 1500m American Title
and will represent the US at the World
Championships which will be held 27 August - 4
September 2011 in Daegu, South Korea.

Penn State Athlete  – Sancho Barrett

Steven King
Professional Football Player

Gail is a great instructor, but most of all a great person. She has a great personality and gives off tremendous energy to the class. The passion that she brings to the class to help others is deeply felt. As a football player explosion is something that is vital to the success of an athlete. Flexibility, loose hips are essential for quickness and speed that's needed to play running back or defensive back at a high level in football. I had the opportunity to met Gail in the summer and started to taking her Yoga Fusion class. It not only helps my body with flexibility, with stretching and breathing to help get further in the stretch, but has the element of core exercises that is very important. Before taking the class I thought my core was good, till Gail had us controlling our own body weight by using our center mass know as our core. Its has help me tremendously and was evident in my performance at my Pro Day, where i ran a 4.51 in the 40 yard dash, jump 9'11" in the board jump and ran 6.76 in the L-Drill which is a test for the quickness. I look forward to playing professional football this summer, and I'm very grateful and thankful for the help I have received from Gail. The best thing of it all is I sleep like a baby since taking Yoga with Gail twice a week. This is something that is great for a person not just an athlete, thus why I feel her class is great for the average person looking to feel good about them self, and feel healthy. Anyone who has the opportunity to met and take her classes with Gail will not be disappointed and truly enjoy the experience.

Demetrios Tsimis
Professional European Basketball Player (Since 2001)

Gail is an amazing instructor. Core strength and flexibility are a vital part of staying healthy especially as a pro athlete. Gail has done an amazing job in bringing the two most essential elements of fitness together in her Yoga Fusion class.  Her "hands on" instruction along with her motivational passion for educating is what makes her so exceptional.  Coming back from an injury is difficult at any level. With Gail's help, I have been able to increase my overall range of motion and strength. My hips, ankles, quads, and hamstrings have improved considerably allowing me to get lower and play better defense. In 2004, I needed 2 surgeries to repair my ankle joint. As a result of chronic ankle sprains, I suffered from ankle instability, causing an osteochondral lesion of the talus, almost a career ending injury. I have finally been able to achieve the range of motion, pain free, in my ankles that I have not had since before I was injured thanks to Gail. Not only has she helped bring back the range of motion, but my ankles and stabilizer muscles are the strongest they have ever been, reducing my chances tremendously of injuring either of my ankles again.   Her ability to teach as well as her creative style of instruction is one of a kind.  I look forward to having the 2008-09 season of basketball in Europe the best since my injury. Thank you so much Gail for helping me make that happen. You’re a gem. I reccomend anyone to take her class. What makes Gail so special is that she can cater to the broad range of ability within a workout. Everyone feels chalenged at their own level and at the same time Gail will also instill the confidence to get you to that next level.  Her energy makes you want to keep coming to the next class. I have experienced many trainers in many different countries, Gail is one of my favorites. Anyone that has the opportunity to experience her will know why.

Mirco Joseph,

As a bodybuilder, the ability to display ones musculature is a vital component of the sport. The ideal competitor should exhibit size, symmetry and balance. These are achieved through strength training, cardiovascular exercise and flexibility training.  Most bodybuilders as well as other athletes fail to employ flexibility into their training regiment. This year, I was fortunate to partake in a group exercise class led by Gail Bannister-Munn called Yoga-Fusion. The class incorporated core strength training with stretching and yoga.  It helped to increase range of motion across all joints as well as develop the deep muscles that stabilize the spine and infuse proper posture and alignment. Taking this class twice per week for 12 weeks help to improve my ability to move, pose, run, lift and function. As a result, I placed well in the first two shows of the year. I owe great thanks to Gail and the program that she introduced to me. Any athlete or individual interested in improving their performance in sport and function should be open-minded to incorporating an intense, focused and enjoyable mode of exercise into the existing regiment.  The results will be positive.  “Stay in it” can often be heard coming from the studio on a Tuesday night or Saturday morning. Thanks for all of your help Gail.  Lets get ready for the fall.

Kate Barnosky

February 10, 2012
On or Off the Court, Women's Basketball Senior Co-Captain Kate Barnosky Gives Her All
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The six million dollar woman
Three surgeries later, Kate Barnosky is back for the Jumbos
Tufts Daily, November 10, 2011